The Steps of the Pisces Woman / Pașii femeii pește

The Steps of the Pisces Woman [ENG] / Pașii femeii pește [RO]
Curator: Maria Pașc

From November 26th to December 14th, 2022
Galleria 28, Timișoara, Romania

The exhibition “The Steps of the Pisces Woman,” curated by Maria Pașc and organized by Galleria 28, in partnership with the Noima Group, presents unique works signed by Nora Blaj.

The curator, Maria Pașc, about the exhibition:
“Is there perhaps an occult codicil that guides us towards the connection between the diligence of creation and the celestial movement of the stars? Can the way the sun slides across the world’s dome guide the steps the earth endures? Or is there a law above all stars? – ‘One is in all, just as one is in all’ (Mihai Eminescu, Letter I).

Zodiac. The Pisces woman of the zodiac, a contorted soul, never calculated or tactful, allows herself to be guided with unconscious voluptuousness or gentle fatalism by premonitions, presuppositions, superstitions, prejudices, and whims. Rhetorical and silent, instinctive and retractile, a mixture of power and despair, the mad desire to be in the center of attention and to stay at the same time in a corner hidden from the world, she has emerged from the clutches of astrological folds (which invariably give the appearance of oppressed servants), overturned her fate with prayers, stubbornness, science, consciousness, and presents, through her works, such a personal way of expression.

The Steps. Nora Blaj’s steps are intense, and sonorous, yet, at the same time, subject to classical order, tectonic calm, and balance. A fully communicative artist, her plastic discourse has nothing of the frugality of improvisation. Deformation, sonority, composition, and a certain hunger for color. Nora Blaj’s colors have the absolute qualities of the spectrum in which light refracts into elements through which materiality is perceived. The corporeality of the works breaks down into simultaneously presented planes. It is a coloration in itself, without spatiality, timeless. The fiery red like a spot imprinted on the retina after staring into the fire, the cobalt blue is strong, with cold depths. By juxtaposing such elements, the artist manages to create unique harmonies and impressive oppositions in which the gaze finds support and meaning.”